3″ SilkGuard Complete® Tabs – 7.5 LB


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What it does:

–Kills bacteria and controls algae

–Prevents metal staining and corrosion

–Reduces scale formation

–Makes water soft and smooth

SilkGuard® protects your pool equipment for longer life. It coats metal surfaces protecting them from corrosion and rust. It prevents scale formation in your pool circulation system and on pool surfaces. SilkGuard® makes the water soft and smooth. This sanitizer will last longer compared to chlorine products such as liquid bleach or calcium hypochlorite, as it contains SunShield®, which protects chlorine from sunlight, so you use less. It’s the perfect solution for clear, silky smooth, inviting pool water.


–91.57% trichloro-s-triazinetrione

–<1% boric acid

–0.99% copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate

–pH 2.1-2.5

–Contains SmartGuard® and SilkGuard® and algae fighting crystals

–Sticks and Tabs Available