Spa Shock (Buffered non-chlorine) – 35 OZ


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What it does:

Spa Shock eliminates soluble organic compounds and irritants in the spa water. It is buffered to prevent pH bounce. Regular use helps maintain clear spa water. Spa Shock is not a sanitizer or an algicide.


–Does not raise chlorine residual

–Can enter the water within 15 minutes for chlorine spas

–Application may increase bromine residual above 8 ppm, so check residual before re-entry

–Quick dissolving shock treatment

–Destroys organic contaminants


–31% potassium peroxymonosulfate

–Approximately 3.2% active oxygen


–Non-Chlorine oxidizer

–Compatible with chlorine, bromine, and saltwater systems

–Do not use in Soft Soak® or other biguanide systems